The most environmentally friendly “bio” or “vegetal” TOYO offset ink!

The Toyo King MX EU NV100 ink series is entirely based on renewable oils and VOC free, which is ideal for post-processing in digital printers. This ink series has little odor, dries quickly and has excellent rub resistance. These inks allow to get the maximum performance out of the most modern presses. This is thanks to a fast start-up, a unique press stability, speeds of 18,000 sheets/hour without misting, fast setting and excellent rub resistance.

This ink series is duct fresh and reduces intermediate wash-up times allowing to increase productivity.

TOYO INK has an unique patented production process of sheet offset inks, which means that these inks have the “Emulsification Control Technology”. This results in a faster start-up with less paper waste and offers a more stable ink/water balance with limited and controlled emulsification of the ink.

Thanks to the use of extra pure Toyo Ink pigments, the offset printing results correspond better to digital color proofs.